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Wednesday Sep 13,2017

Happy Birthday Siobhan

American Roots

15-12-9 of

Sumo deadlift high pull (95/65)

1st7:57 Bethany Wed,Sep 13,2017
2nd9:55 Tia Wed,Sep 13,2017
3rd7:02Kristin St Wed,Sep 13,2017
1st4:59 Gabe Wed,Sep 13,2017
2nd5:56 Webb Wed,Sep 13,2017
3rd8:39 Bryan Wed,Sep 13,2017

matthew11:40  Thanks bobby for the Motivation
Vannessa9:50  Box pull ups
Kristin St7:02  Jumping C2B
Bethany7:57 Rx May have snuck in ;-) #stillevacuated
Tia9:55 Rx
Gabe4:59 Rx lungs burn bad
Bobby O5:29  PUs, not C2B
Bryan8:39 Rx 15/20/15, 3 rounds
JAH8:37  pull-ups
Rich10:39  Reg pull-ups
Webb5:56 Rx
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