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Fri,Jan 26,2018 at 7:00pm Men's Worship and Prayer Meeting

Tuesday Aug 29,2017

Happy Birthday Jim

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9 minutes AMRAP

12 Wallball
3 clean and jerk (95/65)
12 Wallball
6 clean and jerk
12 Wallball
9 clean and jerk
12 Wallball
12 clean and jerk
Max wallball in remaining time

Post total reps

1st133 Bethany Tue,Aug 29,2017
2nd98 Stacee Tue,Aug 29,2017
1st134 Steve Wi Tue,Aug 29,2017
2nd130 Webb Tue,Aug 29,2017
3rd117 Jim Tue,Aug 29,2017

Webb130 Rx 52 wallballs at the end.
Josh H90 Rx Finished all plus 12 additional wallballs
Rich90 Rx
Jim117 Rx
Steve Wi134 Rx 56 wallballs
Stacee98 Rx 14# wall ball, 65#C&J
Bethany133 Rx 55 wallballs at end
Bryan112 Rx 34 WB's
Noah C102 Rx 24 WB's
Results Posted: 9