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Fri,Jan 26,2018 at 7:00pm Men's Worship and Prayer Meeting

Wednesday Aug 30,2017


3 minute drills at each station

First complete
200m run or 50 double unders (men) 30 double unders (women)

Then do max effort for 3 mintues at each station

Reverse hip extension
Ball to wall slams
KB swing
Plate lunge
PVC solts press

1st311 Bethany Wed,Aug 30,2017
1st192 Rich Wed,Aug 30,2017
2nd262Jim Wed,Aug 30,2017

Rich192 Rx
Bethany311 Rx Rpu-40;xten-60;slams-65 (12#);kb-47(44#);lunge-52(25#); sotts-47(pvc; started w barbell but fried)
ChristinaNo clue  AB😡, scaled moves🙄
Jim262  50 Air Sq (sub for Solts, massive fail), 43 kbs @53, 42 back ext, 80 Side Slams @30lb, 23 RPU, 24 Lunge, All 250m rows at 1:33 pace
Webb??? Rx
BryanYes Rx
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