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Fri,Jan 26,2018 at 7:00pm Men's Worship and Prayer Meeting

Friday Sep 1,2017

Off the Wall

3 minute drills at each station

First complete
calorie row/bike/ski: 20 men, 15 women

Then do max effort for 2 mintues at each station

Dball cleans
Dumbbell snatch
Dumbbell jerk
Farmers walk
Plate drags

Webb??? Rx
Christina Scaled
Bethany?? Rx 35#db; parallettes for l sit
BryanPain Rx
Bobby OSame as Bryan Rx 80# snatch/jerk, 103/96# farmers carry, 150# DBall
Jim??? Rx 100# Dball 60# Sntch, 2x40# Jerk, 2x75# Farmers
Results Posted: 6