Membership Dues


Before you become a new member, you may attend one (1) regular class to try CrossFit. After that, you can visit and pay the $12 daily members fee. You can check out the movements, the WODs, and trainers, and the coaching without making a long-term committment. Once the first month ends, you must attend the On-Ramp Course to continue attending CF OldSouth classes.

All new members must attend a Fundamentals On-Ramp Course prior to joining regular CrossFit Old South classes. The four-class course is scheduled on an as-needed basis. it will include detailed personal training that will teach warm-ups, basic techniques, terminology, and movements used in daily classes, as well as how to avoid injury.  

On-Ramp Pricing:

First two family members - $140 per person  
Additional family members (kids 13 and above) - $100 per person  

Contact James McCord at (615) 339-3033 to schedule on-ramp classes.  

Regular Monthly Packages Pricing:


3 sessions per week – $100/month  
Unlimited Sessions – $120/month  

(spouses and their dependent children)

3 sessions per week – $150/month  
Unlimited sessions – $180/month  

10% discount - Military, First Responders, Teachers, 55+ and college students 25 and under.

$20 pay-per-visit  <– non-members, first month only
$12 pay-per-visit  <– members, after the completion of the On-Ramp Classes  

All membership fees are due on the first of the month. A $10 late fee will be included after the tenth of each month. Membership dues are pro-rated for the first month of membership.