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Fri,Jan 26,2018 at 7:00pm Men's Worship and Prayer Meeting

Thursday Jan 18,2018

Olivia H & Raven
Welcome Raven


5 rounds for time

21/15 Cal Row
15/12 Cal Bike
9 Lunges (50s/35s) DB in each hand

1st16:38 Robin Thu,Jan 18,2018
2nd17:21 Erin Thu,Jan 18,2018
3rd17:49 Raven Thu,Jan 18,2018
1st13:08 Bobby O Thu,Jan 18,2018
2nd15:57 James M Thu,Jan 18,2018
3rd16:06 Price Thu,Jan 18,2018

Bobby O13:08 Rx Board changed to 9 total lunges
Webb17:15 Rx Bobby is the man....
Bryan19:58 Rx Legs, legs, and more legs
Kristin St18:32 Rx
Rich23:15 Rx Yes...Bobby O. Is the man
Christina20:20 Rx
Robin16:38 Rx Airdyne bike
JAH19:35 Rx
Raven17:49 Rx Reset the bike and rower after each set. Lunges with DBs on shoulders
Cassie17:56 Rx Blech.
Olivia H18:40 Rx
Price16:06 Rx
Erin17:21 Rx
Meghan19:32  26# kb
Jim16:20 Rx
James M15:57 Rx
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Rich 11:27am
WOW 😮 Bobby O...U R THE MAN!!!