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Monday, Aug 21, 2017

4 minute Snatch EMOM4 minute Clean and Jerk EMOMSongs in the Key of Life

4 minute Snatch EMOM

4 minutes EMOM

2-3 snatch

0% 0%
1st90# Rebecca Mon,Aug 21,2017
2nd85 Robin Mon,Aug 21,2017
3rd75# Stacee Mon,Aug 21,2017
1st155 Rich Mon,Aug 21,2017
2nd145 Jim Mon,Aug 21,2017
3rd135 Greg H Mon,Aug 21,2017

Rich155 Rx
Bethany65# Rx
Bryan115 Rx
Robin85 Rx
Rebecca90# Rx
Jim145 Rx
Lou115 Rx
Greg H135 Rx
Victoria70 Rx 3ea round
Stacee75# Rx
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