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Sat,Dec 16,2017 at 8:30am Reindeer Games

Wednesday, Oct 11, 2017

Maxwell's Silver HammerOther Posted Results

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

4 rounds

Each round to be completed in 3 minutes (so 12 minutes total)

15 calorie row
10 bar facing burpees

In remainder of 3 minutes, max effort

Push press (115/75)

Post total reps of push press completed

1st15 Christina Wed,Oct 11,2017
2nd11 Stacee Wed,Oct 11,2017
3rd9 Stacey Bo Wed,Oct 11,2017
1st102 Webb Wed,Oct 11,2017
2nd100 Jason Wed,Oct 11,2017
3rd59 Rob Wed,Oct 11,2017

Jason100 Rx
Stacee11 Rx
Webb102 Rx
Vannessa???  60lb
Bobby O70  10 dips/10 cal Ski instead of burpees
Rich56  Only 23 burpees
Christina15 Rx
Steve Wi56 Rx Eh
Stacey BoRx
Melissa M38  55#
Bryan26 Rx
Rob59 Rx
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