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Friday Aug 11,2017

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3 Rounds for time:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#)
12 Pull-Ups

Same But Lighter

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Robin12:28 Rx 7th
Webb8:50 Rx
Rich19:36 Rx 19th
Steve Wi11:42 Rx With 20# vest.
JAH13:43 Rx 2:25 worse than PR. 1st round was about 3:30, 2nd about 4:30 then ~5:43 to finish
Tia12:31 Rx
Noah C10:38 Rx 12th
Michael11:59 Rx 17th
Josh H13:36 Rx Tried to PR, went 3:00 on first round, and then it was over.
Garry12:20 Rx
Bryan9:01 Rx Broke up last round of PU's
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